Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"You there, what day is it?"

Feeling a little discombobulated.  So apparently it's 2012.  OK.  We have been house hunting for over a year now and it's like a part time job with us.  Needless to say this have left no room for any creativity, a social life, or friends.  Friends?  Who are they?  I dream of a propper craft room.  One with an island in the middle so that I can work on and sew, or make jewelry on.  I dream of the colors on the walls and how the room will inspire me to do more work.  I dream.  The reality is we've seen crap house after crap house, after crap house and you wouldn't know it by the prices but apparently the housing market is in the shitter?!!  REALLY???  Can someone tell the sellers to stop drinking the Kool Aid?  We saw a new low a couple of weekends ago.  You can light as many Yankee Candles as you like Ms. Real Estate lady but nothing is going to get out the 20 years of smoke or the smell of decomp. out of your carpets....oh wait here's the kitchen.  Clearly something was slaughtered in here because of the splatter marks on the cabinets and wall.  Sacrifice a lamb recently?  Must have put up a bit of a fight seeing as it may have knocked out some of the fronts of the cabinet drawers!!  OK, fine.  We move to the basement and immediately shove our noses into our elbows.  I was done, but husband was curious to see what else was down here like he was on a National Geographic show or something.  Basement rec room on one side with an undressed mattress on the floor and clothes strewn about everywhere.  Floors peeling, walls falling apart and finally I got him to leave the house with me.  You would think they were giving this house away instead of asking mid 3's.  Husband says "wow this replaces the old lady house for sure.  And what was up with the rape den?"  So when I tell people it's taken us over a year so far I get the sympathy nod, and the "ya, it took us two" TWO??  Two years to find a house???  Needless to say, I drink more now.  Trying to be positive but it's very difficult to think we will find a house that suits our needs.  Let's hope 2012 brings us luck and a new house and as a result more jewelry for you!!

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